The American Medical Student Association (AMSA) at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to training and equipping the future generation of physicians and healthcare professionals with the skills and knowledge for their application to medical school and/or any other health-related graduate school.

Our chapter at FAU leads and promotes an abundance of civic engagements, community services, and research opportunities for pre-health students, in hopes of strengthening their bond with our community. AMSA at FAU has been encouraging leadership and professional development in pre-health students for 13 years, presenting future generations of healthcare providers with various mentorship opportunities.

Our student organization hosts and attends a multitude of affairs across the globe, including:

- Mission Trips Abroad

- Humanitarian Events

- The National AMSA convention

- Pre-Med Fest

- Medical School Tours and Admissions Discussions

- Medical Workshops and Discussions

- MCAT Courses

- Clinical Shadowing

- Gross Anatomy Labs

- Internships

- Community Volunteering

Over 300 FAU students benefit from the above services annually. The chapter serves as a gateway from healthcare academia to the healthcare profession. Our nonprofit works to enhance the lives of others, from members of the community whom we lend our hand to, to the student members who dedicate their efforts towards becoming some of the finest physicians for a healthier tomorrow.

Through our partnership with Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine at Florida Atlantic University, we are able to ensure that our pre-health student members are equipped with an array of skills directly from medical students and physicians. The medical field is rapidly expanding. Our undergraduate and medical students strive to be at the forefront of these innovations. Whether in the research lab, the lecture room, or the community - our members are passionate, hardworking students making a difference. AMSA at FAU, through your generous sponsorships and charitable donations, will aid in contributing to helping our students expand on their passions for a better tomorrow.


For many members of the community, AMSA’s helping hand means the world. Through your charitable donation you have the opportunity to make a difference! Annual Fund donations help AMSA at FAU provide medical mission trips abroad, humanitarian events, medical school tours, medical workshops/discussions, and many more opportunities throughout the year. A gift of $500 supports supplies and travel expenses for one medical mission trip abroad; a gift of $250 supports travel expenses for a medical school tour; a gift of $100 provides supplies for medical workshops and discussions; a gift of $50 supports our chapter meetings.

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