Events and Interest Groups

For the Fall 2023 semester, AMSA will be holding both in-person and online events. General Body Meetings and select interest group meetings will be hybrid, meaning you will have the option to join in-person or via Zoom. Just as in previous years, the point system that provides you with the opportunity to win an MCAT prep course is still in effect. The more events you attend, the more points you are awarded! For more information on event locations and dates check out AMSA on social media. 

Upcoming Events

Interest Groups

AMSA is divided into interest groups, each of which plan events related to their core mission. Below is a list of our current interest groups:

Advocacy, Healthcare Administration, and Public Health in Medicine

Learn all about each of the components of different administrative practices utilized within healthcare and the various implementations.

Clinical Skills

Do YOU want to attend our Annual Mission Trips? Want to gain the necessary skills for performing auscultation blood pressure and pulse rate? Come to our meetings!

Diversity in Medicine

Educate and bring awareness to the challenges faced by various minority groups. Engage in thoughtful discussions about the impact of diversity and cultural consciousness in healthcare.

Exercise, Lifestyle and Nutrition in Medicine

Join us for our meetings where we will discuss our goals, upcoming meetings and events for the semester, and the different types of exercises and workout methods


Fundraising aims to raise money for AMSA while providing an opportunity for members to become involved and get to know each other on a more personal level!

International Outreach

Want to join us on an amazing international outreach trip in the Spring term?! Come to our meetings!

Mental health in Medicine and Research

Theme and Goals: A proactive approach to mental health, promote strategies to help prevent burnout and reduce stress, and discuss proactive measures to manage mental health.

Pre-Medical Affairs

Join us for MCAT prep sessions, resume workshops, and more!


Join us to learn more about various research opportunities at FAU, research honors programs, and how to reach out to potential research mentors so that you can get involved in research!

Specialties in Medicine

To provide information on a wide range of specialties in the medical field by having physician guest speakers give an overview of their career


Our mission is to bring accessible, meaningful, and exciting community service experiences to all of our members.